I found a little ticker thing so that I can have an 'in your face' reminder of debt, with a view to paying it off more quickly.

I was going to start off with the mortgage at its worst and then compare with what we have left to pay, but I cant actually find those details in my old paperwork. Shame on me.

Then I decided the put the value of the house which carries the mortgage v the balance of the mortgage. But that doesn't tell the whole story and some that mortgage belongs rightly to the other house.

So eventually I went with Asset (Properties) v Liabilities (Loans). This is the most 'true' version.

I have assumed that the land etc in Syria is lost (£60k value four years ago).

As we work on the older houses on the land in Crete I might increase the value but best of all this should inspire me to  keep on over paying and get us free from the bonds of the mortgage sooner.

Well that's the plan.


  1. Such a pretty view! That would certainly inspire me to pay extra so I could retire to that house quicker.

  2. Exactly! But not all the time. i think I am a wanderer


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