Mortgage Free Wannabe

Kind of an update:


  • Reduce mobile phone tariffs 
  • Reduce Sky package (bless the helpful lady, it is almost free now)
  • Gas/Electric - Moved to first utility and less overall usage
  • No more takeaways- easier than I thought. We were tempted on a couple of tired nights but we did it. Oh, and we are learning to make Chinese food now as I have takeaway craving
  • No eating out except for events - We have still gone out when other people have birthdays, leaving town etc. but its always deals/vouchers so not too painful and obviously not very often.
  • Don't pay for hot drinks! I added this one to feel virtuous. I already don't do this, except that obviously at home it is us that buy the coffee, milk etc. but I did apply for a free Waitrose card which gives me 10% of random groceries and free posh coffee and newspaper each day. All drinks are free at work anyway.
  • I rearrange all of the cars and car insurances. My son is selling his car. I haven't got all of the updated figures yet but I think the saving is £60 per month.

Needs Improvement

  • Always take breakfast/lunch to work - so far I mostly take breakfast/ lunch to work, normally leftovers, but I just don't plan enough. In fact pretty sure that without leftovers or tinned soup then this would be a fail. I must plan more for this
  • Household insurance - Made myself very cross by missing the 1st November renewal date. Why do you have to phone to renew car insurance but phone to not renew household insurance. Still going to change it for 01/12 but now I will ahve to pay some stooopid tax.
Overall I am sort of low level pleased with myself but very much a 'could do better' comment in my report book I feel


  1. You've all done very well !
    I've always found that it doesn't matter which utility company you're with their fixed charges are the same ( cost to the house etc) so it really does all comes down to usage.
    Glad your Mum and Dad are still active - it's not really the weight issue I'm bothered about but the vanity one - do I look chubby in this whatever??

  2. No, definitely not looking chubby! I just meant then when you relax and keep active the you find the size you should be :)


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