What next?

I like to think I am progressing all of the time. Its always start this, stop that and change something else.

Cant think what to do this week to move forward.  Which is one of the problems when you thrive on change.

At the end of the month I can change my property insurance
I am using such a small amount of fuel that a tank of diesel lasts me all month as long as I don't do too much mileage for work
I already shop like a ninja (not literally).

Definitely a bit stuckety stuck.

On a happier note, my (lovely but equally weird) husband wants to buy a restore an old castle we retire. We probably wont by hey, its fun to dream.

Maybe some creative cooking is the answer


  1. Well you know what they say - a change is as good as a rest!
    Are you noticing a change in the bank balance to offset all the other changes?

    a castle would be fun - no need for o/seas holidays, you could just swim or punt round the moat!


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