Monday, 30 December 2013


The days between Boxing Day and New Year' Eve (Old Year's Night where we come from in Devon) are very odd but rather lovely. Another week until I go back to work. Today i started to list the things I want to do this week. Well I started the list but I didn't make much of a dent in the actual activities.I had a minor medical procedure which left me uncomfortable and Fahed is still having problems with his chest, coughing and awake until 5am not leaving him much energy for 'the list'.

So now i am thinking a little more relaxing and doing what one fancies and 'the list' turns into a running to do list for the year.

And, instructions from the doctor from this morning were to lounge about on the sofa and watch TV for the day. I may be under the influence of some pharmaceuticals but that does sound quite a nice idea,.

So I lounge around a bit and maybe think about my resolutions. Although they are not really resolutions, just ideas.

And sofa, and snooze......


  1. I keep reading everyone else's goals and resolutions. I suppose I should put some thought in to my own soon. I hope Fahed gets over his cough soon so that he can play the saxophone.

  2. That's a similar expression I to the one I use Lizzie - my last post was about them lol
    Yes, what to do next year - oh, we'll think about that when next year arrives - rest up and enjoy what's left of 2013 :)
    Take care



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