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I am joining the Organizing Junkie with menu plan Monday to keep me on track!

'To improve the balance of meals I provide for my family I am going to make a menu plan each week from November 2013. I will ensure that there are plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, local produce and generally good stuff.  My plan will avoid bread, bulgar wheat and pasta for my husband (gluten intolerance), avoidance of any more than a small amount of carbs for me (affects my insulin levels and gives me a headache and a half), avoid cooked cheese for my lactose intolerant son. When my other son is home from University he loves his food but is happiest with the healthy stuff (thank goodness).. Ha ha, should be easy, I have started with a tick board in the kitchen where everyone can tick to say which days they are home for dinner. Then the planning begins!'

Monday - Barbecue kebabs, Arabic bread & a Parsley & Sumac Salad (Fahed's birthday - we barbecue! Luckily it isn't snowing. Neither of us should eat bread but we are prepared to feel a bit out of sorts for once)
Tuesday - Leftovers
Wednesday - Cottage pie (Homemade) and veggies & Salad
Friday - Lasagne (Ahdel is out with his young lady)
Saturday - Leftovers, again.
Sunday - No plan as yet as we might go to the Winchester Christmas market.


  1. We had a gluten-free Thanksgiving dinner, well, except for the bread I ate, but everyone else had gluten-free bread. It would be really hard for me to stay away from cheese. It is one of my staples. Your menu planning sounds very complicated!

  2. blimey that's a whole load of dietry requirements to plan for. I find it hard enough when hub is on his no carbs diet

  3. Easy. Bread makes Fahed swell up, Cooked cheese makes Ahdel throw up!


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