First thoughts on goals not resolutions

First thoughts, still to be tweeked:

  • Finish all of the 'big jobs' on our house in Allbrook - kitchen tiling (how many times have i said that), kitchen woodwork, decorating, downstairs bathroom flooring, upstairs bathroom cupboard.

  • Spend no more than average £60 a week on groceries but without using nasty unhealthy produce (ordered two veggie boxes for delivery tomorrow, so baby steps)

  • Keep a happy, relaxed and welcoming home, tidy but not to tidy ( I think I do this already so I should do okay here!!) - get rid of a ton of stuff to make it even more so.

  • Get out and about and do more activities, proper active activities but also social. Continuing with weekly family swim, I found new Salsa lessons (each year i say this and then the company goes broke - hopefully i dont kill a third dance school this year), cycling, music gigs, maybe even the dreaded gym.

Time is running out I have 9 hours to sort myself out!  :)


  1. Our goals look similar, except for the salsa dancing. I might eat more salsa though.


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