Thursday, 2 January 2014

Lifestyle 2014

I am slicing and dicing my 2014 plans and talking about a different one each day. Tomorrow finance. I feel I have to psyche myself up for it :)

Lifestyle is a nice big one to consider for day one:

I am aiming for a relaxed and welcoming home:
Relaxed as it is organised but not obsessively so.
De-cluttered but not to the point of obsessiveness
The Allbrook House (ie where we live) all major repair and updating projects finished
Healthy eating - Fahed has actually lost 13kg with my tweaks to meals. Leading me to think that my work lunches might be my problem area.
More activity - Dont be such a couch potato, move around and enjoy myself more.

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  1. Sounds like some realistic goals. I know my snacking at work is my problem. I don't even think about snacking when I am home. I'm too busy doing stuff.


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