And breath............

First week back after Christmas break always seems to be about ten days long but I made it (of course) to the weekend. I did a tiny bit of grocery shopping yesterday. Came to £60 but that included £29 on a kettle for my parents so I feel as though I kept it all fairly lean and mean. My weekend is going to be all about pottering. Starting off with some vacuuming now but I thought I would write this first as I am sure it is too early in the day to make so much noise. One of my tasks was to get outlook working again on my desktop. I use it and live by it at work but at home I am less organised but as I have it then it seems mad not to use it. Oh, so maybe its time to do a task list. Vacuum clean upstairs Pack up xbox for sending to repairer Look at flights to Crete and sort out holiday dates. Get all laundry washed and dried. Sort out clothing and move the less loved into under bed storage. That's enough isn't it? Then I can just snooze


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