No Spend Low Spend

January no spend/low spend challenge with Carla is now up and running. I am a willing participant but, well I will pretty much have to no spend, except for fuel, to catch up on my 'naughtiness' of the last few days. We went to the shops to get nice meat for Fahed's birthday meal. His 50th birthday was back in early December but we didn't celebrate as he was ill and also we were not all together. So now he is slightly less ill and we are all home we let him cook for us. We are so kind! He cooks for everyone's birthday so for his own half century was going to be the same. That expenditure was all planned and in the budget The other bit was less planned. In fact very not planned. I got rid of my tumble dryer back in autumn when it broke down. I didn't need one, could line dry everything etc. Line dry in England in winter, what was i thinking. The conservatory is full of racks and hangers, the place looks like the kind of Chinese laundries you see in old movies, pretty sure it is damp and might even be adding to chest infections. So I did it. Looked on ebay, a lovely condensing tumble dryer finishing in six minutes, refurbished by seller and with a guarantee. And the guy delivered it within about 90 minutes! Ah, bliss practical if not financial) Goals for the rest of the month. I have £400 left for all expenses, fuel and food. If I stick within this it means I have managed Christmas, tumble dryer, all household expenses out of my normal budget with no recourse to savings or credit.


  1. Once again I feel very spoiled and wasteful for running my dryer today. It was sunny and warm and dry and it would have been good to have some moisture in the air. That is a habit that I must break.

  2. we just don't have one. husband is actually in charge of laundry. he tends to not do it if it is raining..... I am not sure how we manage but we do. sometimes the house is covered in stuff drying tho


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