Monday, 13 January 2014

The Shed.............really not my area

We are a fairly traditional team in our roles at home. I like to cook, I quite like to do laundry (the satisfaction of having it done, I don't take it down to the river and beat it on the rocks)and I like the satisfaction of housework. I don't like ironing so I don't do it. I aim to buy stuff that doesn't need ironing. I will do it for weddings or job interviews, or whilst sewing. I also do admin and anything of an accounting nature. My lovely other half (and the sprogs) do maintenance, car and home, landscaping and grass cutting, bins, building work here and in Crete. Oh and special occasion cooking by which I mean indulgent rather than healthy, so we have it for treats. This works fine for us. Ahdel had a girlfriend who thought it was wrong that I did his tax return. Very weird. Accountant in the family! I might well be peeved if I didn't get asked to do it. The main thing is team work. All of the weekend they were doing stuff with the electrics. My only job was to occasionally pass a cable clip up to them. So that means I don't visit the shed very much. Once or twice I have helped out with stuff out there but its really not my area. Which, I assume, is how it got to be such a complete and total 'state'. So tonight I discussed it with Lovely Other Half. Well obviously his Aspbergers personality doesn't want to change anything but also it is overcrowded and he hates it as it is. So i told him about the year when I got rid of over a thousand items and have missed not one of them. He really hadn't noticed. So now I have got him thinking. I have the beginnings of a plan. The junk can go, the saleable must be sold, the tools need to be pruned. The de-cluttering machine reaches the shed. It can be done!!!


  1. Sheds can be scary things! No spiders or mousies I hope!

    1. Spiders by the hundred but I think no scary ones And definitely no rattle snakes!

  2. We don't even own a shed but I could definitely use one :) I can't say I enjoy housework - but you know what, I do like ironing because I remind myself every time that I burn 200 calories doing it. And because my husband wears too many dress shirts:) But I also like the satisfaction that I get when our house is clean and organized!

  3. Ha ha, its just another place to fill up! I am very happy that I dont have to worry about dress shirts. I really dont fancy that!

  4. HaHa - "it's just another place to fill up" - so true where our garage is concerned!! If it wasn't so hot I'd be doing another clear out in there - the Golfer would never realise half the 'might need it sometime' stuff has gone

  5. Wait until it is cooler and then sneak out there. Fahed has a lovely big shed but he has made it so that he doesn't enjoy being out there at all because of all his clutter


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