Back to normal

The house is full. The kitchen is really earning its place. The sitting room is like a noisy and enjoyable cafe. My fridge is rammed with food still but mostly veggies so we are set for the next ten days. Its only for another day. Tomorrow Jamal hits the road back 'oop North' for uni. The rest of us are back to work. Ahdel i think is back to two jobs plus the band, so busy busy busy. I have just read the headline 'Families will have to wait until summer to clear Christmas Debts' Oh no, not around here. I bought slightly more food than normal but we had virtually no waste and fridge, freezer and larder are full. I buy some smallish presents for the kids and for everyone else we have ten pound limit. So anyway I am tidying and organising and doing all of those things which one does at New Year (or I do, anyway). I would like it to last another week but never mind. Most enjoyable