No waste tastes great ( but this week a couple of items did slip through)


I am definitely not as organised as some of the 'Food Waste Friday' crew. Don't let that put anyone off waste avoiding though, as we do pretty well.

I have a few secret weapons in my arsenal though. Where Fahed comes from it is quite normal to eat the same food for two days running. So for example if I make stew and appetites are smaller than expected then the next evening we get it again but maybe with different veggies on the side. My planned dish for the second night just gets pushed forward.

My waste plan relies on recycling!

This week we had roast lamb with vegetables. At the end there was a lamb bone left, some roasted veggies and some boiled sprout,, cabbage and green beans. My plan was to boil up the bone for stock then add veggies plus some spices etc, blitzs it and serve with a dollop of sour cream. However I left the veg in a bowl on the kitchen worktop whilst I was cooking something else and before I know it everything has gone except the lamb bone. I guess if you don't want waste then it pays to have kids who like veg.

My other near miss was a half bottle of cider (small). I thought I liked it, Christmas treat, but apparently not so much. However I am freezing it to cook with pork and maybe creme fraiche. I really enjoy food waste Fridays. Make me never take my eye from the ball.


  1. I froze a few things after the family left. Some old salad had to be thrown out. The dogs enjoyed some of the other leftovers. It is so hard to keep track of all the food when there are multiple cooks.

  2. That's what I need,, waste disposal dogs!


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