Big decluttering

A couple of years back I joined in with someone's idea to de-clutter three items a day for a year. To start with i kept a spreadsheet but eventually just counted. By half year it was so ingrained in me that I didnt even need to count, I just went on 'auto-dispose'.

Now I am thinking maybe it is too late to do it again. I have sold a few things on ebay and I have a box of 'stuff' and two bags of clothes to go to the charity shops. I might just count those items and see where it gets me.

Anyone else doing a bit of  the '2014 de-clutter boogie' ?


  1. Come on Lizzie - its never too late to join in anything - just start on your own whether you are registered or not.
    I find I seem to look at things in the wardrobe as I'm putting the ironing away - read as trying to move things along to fit others in lol Sometimes I'll pull a acoathanger out and have a good look at what's on it and make a decision there and then.
    Have a bag of summery things waiting by the door at the moment.
    Take care

  2. I have 2 boxes waiting by the door. I am so bad at actually getting them out of my house but they don't count as gone until they are really gone!


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