Finance 2014

I am not going to faff about with net worth etc. Since we know that, as in 2008/9, net worth can halve over night then it isn't really an indicator of anything.

During 2013 we proved that we can send £500 (sometimes more) each month to needy relatives. This year we are keeping up with all the tricks we taught ourselves

  • my cooking is always, but always, better than takeaway or eating out, its is usually also quicker and it is definitely cheaper
  • lunch should be taken to work every day, no excuses
  • you can enjoy yourself if you budget for expense but also there is plenty of very economical fun about
  • proper food is cheaper than crappy food
  • the diesel car is so much cheaper to run that the petrol that the petrol is going to have to go
  • when kids earn there own money/go to university it is like getting a second job 

So the actual targets are: minimum £500 required by September to start rebuilding the old house in Crete
Pay at least £15k off the mortgage (in my dreams I think we can do more, especially when my son can afford to deal with his own expenses but I don't put it in the plan just yet)


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