Again.................already. Gosh!

Last week I made an appointment to see someone about losing weight, getting fit etc. I do know this would be cheaper to do myself but we are where we are, 51 and overweight enough that I feel it might bother me as I get older. So I am thinking about it all week, set off at 8am so that I find it in plenty time. 8.45 the place is all locked up and no-one home. At 9.15 I leave. I cant call, text or email as there is no signal. By 10am I am home and ratty!  I email, nothing, Then I text. Eventually a reply to say 'we are on the second floor' Seriously? Why not mention that in the booking email or put up signs? or actually dont put up sign saying you are specifically on the 1st floor. Seriously.

Anyway i am still huff puffing! So I booked in for next Saturday at a different branch. Its free so i persevere a little more although my natural inclination is to say 'ha, see, i am supposed to be fat'. We are starting a fitness class at work this week based on this (hopefully) amazing DVD . Cant wait!

In other news Fahed & I have been married for 25 years on Monday. I am expecting someone to spring out of a wardrobe and pin a medal on me :). Eldest son turns 24, Youngest son is home from University (again) ahead of the 1st sea phase of his training Its all go, go, go. Oh yes, and Fahed has colorectal day surgery on Tuesday. I haven't asked the details (oddly, neither has he) but it sounds uncomfortable rather than overly serious. Oh and for anniversaries in our family we normally take the whole crew out to eat. For us this is a lot happening in a week!

I'll see if I can muster the enthusiasm for a bit of cleaning ahead of all the excitement.

Also rounding up all the veg from the fridge and either cooking it or chopping and freezing it. Not exciting? Sure it is. My son didnt look a little perplexed when I offered him mashed swede for brunch though

Anyone have anything exciting planned?


  1. I think I have asked this before, I looked up mashed swede and I think it is what we call rutabaga? I've never even eaten a rutabaga.


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