Spending to save

Yes, even to me it sounds like an excuse.

 We bought a new TV. It is LED so hopefully cheaper to run than the old plasma. We paid for the plasma to be repaired about 8 months ago and it is making the same sort of sounds so i think it was time. We could have been more economical but we used our own cash, no credit and we got a good deal. And it certainly made Fahed and Ahdel all smiley! That is not what I am claiming as my money saving though!

 Today they had this brilliant idea to fit doors in the massive space which links conservatory and kitchen. They shopped at B&Q, our local DIY, and In-Excess, a discount end of line store. The got about £60 in discount so I am fairly happy. Now, or at least when the get around to fixing it all, we can close off the two rooms. Should make things a lot warmer in winter and will stop the noise from the rain on the conservatory roof for the rest of the time.

 We need one door to the bottom of the stairs, to keep the heat in the sitting room.


  1. My Mum always used the expression ' sometimes you've got to spend money to make money' - we have installed glass doors (similar to yours) in a couple of places and have to agree they do close off that space. They stop heat loss (heating not so high) but because there is still sight and light you don't get that closed in just one room feel that a solid door gives. I love them and would put one on our bathroom 'cept for the privacy issues - cousins in Canada had some with a heavy frosted look but we can't find them here.
    Take care

  2. Thats why i got rid of the old doors. I hate to feel shut in. The glass ones are great. We do have frosted ones on both bathrooms actually, plus the bi-fold doors to the laundry area and the larder. They look really nice but also pleasantly private!

  3. A smiley husband and son is worth more than money sometimes. Nice looking door. The doors in my house are very ugly. Someday I will do something about it.

  4. It is, once in a while They did seem vaguely astonished to have my blessing!


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