Sunday, 9 February 2014

Thinking time

I have been alone most of the weekend. Fahed worked and then hibernated. We have discovered that if the black dog visits then hibernation is the best bet. And by tonight he looks fine.

But that did give me load of thinking time. First off I came up with the idea of the storage room and i can tell he feels better as I got him on board.

I also decided to get rid of one of the sofas in our sitting room and bring in a similar sized one from the conservatory. This means we potentially have room for the pool table to come in from storage in the shed.

I discovered that a couple of pine doors which i bought for some long forgotten project will fit, after adjustment, onto a bookcase in the sitting room. Looks neater and is easier to clean.

Fahed has put some much stuff into his shed that he cant face to go out there. So I, with his help eventually I hope, am aiming to remove 5 items from the shed every Saturday until it starts to be a useful space again. Some stuff can go into the attic once it is a proper storage space too.

Oh, and lately I get everyone's clothes mixed up. The boys are fulled sized now! I invest a couple of £££'s is 50 iron on labels for each name. Finally everyone is going to get the right clothes. Yaay. Fortunately they laugh at me for not being able to tell them apart, rather than moaning.

And I watched a whole load of Biathlon and Luge!

Oh and I appreciated the thinking time a lot as I had 13 hours days, my NLP training and lots of travel, both Thursday and Friday so a period of consolidation was exactly what I needed.


  1. Make them do their won laundry. Then they will have no problems to separate their clothes for you :)

    1. I can't, its not an efficient use of washer and dryer. But i do draw the line at ironing. That is only for weddings and job interviews.!

  2. I hear you on not wanting to be with people when the days don't seem worth it. Left to my own devices I'll come back to life more quickly than have others treading round me on tippy toes
    My hissy fit over the weather is forgotten now - I realised we werent the only ones with problems in that field - I feel for the people fighting fires at the moment - closest one is about 30 minutes away. Mind those treading water in the Uk are having a picnic either

  3. Yes, he is the same like you. He always says he cant cope with people stepping on his tail!
    Its a nightmare hear. We are on the South Coast but mercifully high up. Some of my staff cant get to work and a colleague had their chimney fall through the roof. Just so endless.


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