Sochi 2014

I am getting totally swept up in the games so far.  I have watches snowboarding, cross country ski-ing and luge. So exciting. Its so nice to see all of the snow and blue skies as well, as it has been grey and damp here for so long. I love all the loud music, colours and all the purple, looks all very cool and exciting. Very much brightening up my February.  Jenny Jones is still in gold medal position for women's Slopestyle as I write - Very exciting for us 'no-snow countries to get a mention near the top. I am trying hard not to wish all the others to fall.

nb. Jenny got a bronze!!!

And do you know what, I got all of the cleaning than I anticipated completed yesterday, but in about half the time. I definitely benefit from being time bound. I might need to invest in one of those timers to give myself 15 minute bursts of time. However it is huge progress that I can sit here watching Sochi when there are things still undone in the house. Once upon a time, and one of my reasons to blog, I couldn't have done this. I feel a little bit of progress in realizing this. What I like about blogging is that it seems to give me accountability. Wouldn't make any difference if no-one but me read it, its all about the seeing it in black and white. The other biggy is perspective. Cleaning will still be here long after Olympics have finished.

Lizzie's lesson (to herself) for the day.