Storage room

We have an attic space with all the usual junk: camping gear, Christmas decorations, suitcases. And way more besides. Fahed has always resisted my desire to board out the attic because he feels it will make me more inclined to fill the attic with junk. However, since I came clean and told him how much stuff I had got rid of with him noticing he is thinking I might not be a hoarder after all. In fact not quite sure why he thought i was but anyway.

So now I have got a vague and theoretical agreement to make the loft hatch bigger, add a proper stair ladder, board out and add cupboards and shelving to the attic space. I have promised to go through all the junk that is up there and get it down to about 40% and I think I can do that. Imagine somewhere to put stuff you only use once or twice a year? Wow, I am totally overwhelmed with how brilliant this could be. Anyone with a British house (i.e. dolls house) will be able to understand my excitement.

So suitcases, Christmas decorations, camping gear, picnicing gear, All where we can actually find it! Maybe even some wine or cidermaking up there?


  1. Cute and practical! I don't have an attic or a basement. All my junk has me surrounded.


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