The men are earning their keep

Today Fahed finished the tiling in my kitchen, grouted it and everything. It looks beautiful. Hopedully photos below.

Ahdel & Jamal fixed the washing machine, just as well as you can now see my washing pile form space.

Ahdel also tried to carry on with fitting the sliding doors which should separate the kitchen from the conservatory. Not a success. They are so heavy, wood and glass, that they are pulling the frame down. He is really quiet this evening. I know this means he is puzzling out how to work around this. So far not a successful idea.

Jamal got the call today for his ship time. He has to board his ship in Singapore on Friday. First time outside of Europe for my baby. I am nervous and excited for him. He, as always, is as cool as the proverbial cucumber.

I am sad for the doors and associated stress but all in all not a bad Tuesday.

I am a happy mummy and I like that my men are so practical.


  1. Very nice! I love it when projects finally get done, especially ones that have lingered for months and months. I have a lot of those.

  2. I am pleased. I rather think the door project is going to run on for a bit though :(


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