Whirlwind of a week & utilities

I had two 12 hours days this week on the last part of my NLP training. Spookily clever stuff and I slept last night by using one of the techniques. I tried something similar when saying goodbye to my baby at Heathrow as he flew out of my life for 4 months and into Singapore. In fact I was better than I was when he left for university. Jamal hid some lollipops in my bed and a caramac bar on my sofa. He does know it yet but his Baba hid a fluffy meerkat and a punk rubber duck in his case. Hope it makes him smile.

So today the house is in the sort of chaos you get when three blokes are left alone for a few days and are not white you might call self sufficient. I don't think they are aware of the mess and are very proud that they managed to fix the washing machine and do most of the washing. Its all in a dry pile about 4 foot high but hey, who minds a bit of folding when someone has done the laundry for you. They are sweet hearts.

Today arrived the water bill.

Our average useage was 238 litres per day.
Average useage for our house would be expected to be (according to Southern Water) 433 litres.

I am happy and I guess it is worth going for the A efficiency models when buying dishwashers and washing machine. Also the swimming teachers shower at work. They are there every day and they need to shower when leaving the pool anyway so they just make sure they are thorough at that point. I am not sure it helps but I clean my teeth in the shower :)

Our electric usage has gone down from 720kwh per month at end of December, to 699kwh at end of January and then again to 628kwh at end of February. Still a work in progress but at least there is progress.

Gas was 41ft3 in December, 45ft3 in January and back down to 41ft3 in February. I'll have to watch them sneaking the heating on when I am not here!