Still side hustling

Will I get the hang of this??

I sold the TV for £200. I have a surround sound to sell, next time there is free listing on ebay. I have two life jackets (where do I get these things, I have never had a boat) listed to end tomorrow from last weeks free listing event. Keep everything crossed for me, I have a lot of watchers.

Lots of things which I may be able to use Facebay for. My sons ex girlfriend used to sell things on there but so cheaply and she ended up taking it people who then didn't want it that it put me off the idea but I think maybe i try it once or twice and then decide.

I am moving to Lidl for a few weeks for shopping. They have most things I want and they sure have less temptation.

Also the shower died of old age yesterday. Jamal is away, Fahed & Ahdel teach and shower at the pool every day, sometimes multiple times a day. So this is really only a problem to me.  7.30 this morning I was at the sports center. We have a gym, pool, badminton court, basketball, dance and karate studios, 5 a side pitches in and out, full sized football and hockey pitches. Everything you really want. Although what I actually wanted was to wash my hair. But that seemed like a cop out so I popped in for a swim. As it was lanes only at that time of the day I could only swim up and down, and i had no-one to talk to. So I did ten lengths in 15 minutes and was showered, hair washed and out again in 30 minutes. Cost is zero as Fahed works there.
Now I am thinking that I maybe do have time for a swim before work. I am going to ask Fahed not to fix the shower for a week (there is still a bath obviously) and once or twice a day I will pop in the sports centre for a swim and scrub up. Not side hustle but potentially money saving. And helping me be more heathly.


  1. What's wrong with the shower? Is it leaking? My hot water heater broke in my RV once and I had to use the RV park's shower. No doors. Just a curtain. It was creepy to be there all by myself and yet I didn't want anyone to be there. I got that water heater fixed fast. I could never be motivated enough to swim before work. Well, maybe if I started work at noon. Good luck with the plan!

  2. No, its an electric one so I suspect the actual heating element has gone. Or it might be that there is chalk buildup right through it. We have really hard water here. It is a nuisance. I am already beginning to lose interst in the daily swimming plan, by day 2!!


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