Side Hustle

The blogosphere is alive with thoughts of side hustles. I want to join in.

I know from experience the difference that your finances can suffer between being aware of & taking control of spending v being talked into spending lots by other people and then losing the actual plot. I think that focusing on income could be similar.

So l have been getting rid of all sorts but some of it could have made me extra £££'s. I sold an audio book for £35 during Feb. I have some Life Jackets for sale on eBay. Maybe a few more audio books for sale.

I have made sure to claim my expenses at work, mileage and parking.

I want to think bigger. Let's get my ideas mojo in action

Any ideas anyone?

Oh and in other news, doors to conservatory up, secure and looking mighty fine. I will bore you with photos once the woodwork is conpkete


  1. Can't wait to see the photos:) I've been selling all kinds of stuff too but mostly on local classifieds and on Facebook.

  2. I haven't found the right idea yet but it is out there. Do people buy used items for cheap and sell them on ebay like they do here? I want to try that but I haven't yet because I don't know how to spot the bargains to resell. When I go to the thrift store it all looks like junk to me.


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