Sunday - What do I want to do??

I am all alone here today. Jamal is away aboard ship, Ahdel has three days in the recording studio, did I mention my eldest bambino is a rock star :). Fahed is sleeping. He has work later and I dont want him sleepy and in charge of little swimmers. He is tired because he didn't sleep for the last two nights. He doesn't cope well with change and the idea of not seeing Jamal until July doesn't sit easily with him. However his physical activity, keeping busy with DIY and his happy tablets seem to be keeping his black dog away at the moment, poor love.

So anyway how can I best use my day today. Conservatory cant really be tackled as they are still working out there. The door fitting came to an abrupt halt when the frame started to fall to pieces. Fahed is trying to build it and attach properly to  he lintel before work recommences on Tuesday but that means door related stuff everywhere. The doors are heavily glazed so a lot heavier than we originally planned. I will do what I can by working around it. Fahed & Ahdel only have Tuesdays when they are both home together for a period of hours - Tuesday is DIY day.

I have more laundry, then all the putting away of the laundry. A dishwasher load and a bit of sorting out in the kitchen. Maybe make a stew for dinner tonight. We are all off eating where Jamal has been feeding us hugely all this week! I will make something small. Fill up my boot with the box for the charity shop. I took down quite a bit last week but I have more ready. The breadmaker is finally going. There is nothing wrong with it but if I eat bread then I get a headache, if Fahed eat bread he swells up with a balloon. The kids prefer pitta or wraps so it has had its time with us.

By mid afternoon I think I can sit down for some reading, maybe writing, update the house books with plans, might try some crochet, Nice lazy Sunday afternoon.

Hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are.