Sunday, 27 April 2014

Days that should be productive

Its almost May but the rain wont stop long enough for me to do anything to the garden.  I am sure the garden is happy about this but its definitely putting the brakes on me spending any time out there. I am a fair weather gardener! Also so much to go to the dump, boxes that power tools come in and bits of broken tents and awnings. I cant face all that wet stuff in my car. I wish I had a pickup but only need it so infrequently.

So instead I am going to visit my friend for coffee in a minute. Whilst I am there I am going in the local discount DIY store to get some paint. After lunch at my mums house, everyone spoils me when Fahed is away,  then I will finish painting the hallway outside of my bedroom. My house work is mostly done, just a bit more laundry and put all of the clean clothes away.

Do I sounds really organised? I sort of feel it, which I rather an odd feeling for me!

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