Friday, 25 April 2014

Frugal Buddies

My best mate and I don't see each other especially often. We don't live especially far apart except for a stretch of water which is quite expensive and slow to cross. I was going there on Sunday for a visit until the hospital change the date of my dads eye operation. I am taxi driver for the weekend but no problem, I know my family would always take care of me too.

Today we were talking about what we are doing at the moment. She is knitting a Clanger. I feel sadly lacking!

Yes, trying to make one of these, and possibly a Soup Dragon!

Then we got onto what to do with two nearly new single duvet covers that I have but that neither of us needs. We got as far as deciding to make the insulated cooking bags that everyone is talking about. We could make two but do we know anyone else who would appreciate one? Sadly we thought probably not. So instead we decided to go for a slightly smaller version for yogurt making.

Yes, try to make some of these!
So we might not see each other very often but our future seems to include hers and hers matching cooking & yogurt bags. Yes, we have indeed got to that level of eccentricity. Which I am quite contented with.


  1. Are those anteaters? Cute!

    1. Did you not have the Clangers on TV as a kid? It is a very random program but I seem to remember they lived on the moon and spoke in speaks. And there was a Dragon who made or lived in soup! Check it out on youtube!


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