Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Healthy living - somewhat less contentment

Well this is odd. I have been overweight since my children were born. They were 10lb each but nonetheless the excuse is wearing a bit thin 20 years later :)  It has never really worried me, I have a happy life.

Somehow I got swept up in starting a weekly exercise class at work (free, my favourite price), which we are now doing about 3 times a week. Then started weekly yoga class (£2 bargain!). Then I discovered a surprisingly lively 50+ class which runs three times a week at the local leisure center (aha, yes, again free to me because they are my lovely husbands employers). So, combined with my home cycling & (little tiny) weight lifting I am suddenly starting to get a lot fitter. Now suddenly I find my excess weight very annoying and inconvenient!

Oh, the irony!!


  1. 10 pound babies! Wow. I can't imagine.

  2. on the bright side they do seem less fragile than little ones but on the less bright side, it takes a while to get back to normal!


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