Let's get some stuff done!

  1. I have had 12 hours sleep 
  2. We have a three day weekend
  3. Fahed is away
  4. Jamal is away
  5. Ahdel is in training all day and has a gig tonight.
  6. I have nine hours before I have any commitments

I believe this should be the perfect storm for  a 'get stuff done' day.

I am not going down stairs for coffee until I have 'revived' the grout between the bathroom tiles. Its still perfectly good except the whiteness is a little bleugh!

Then downstairs for a quick tidy and sweep of the sitting room. Then touch up the cream paint in there. I am, rather unusually, fully prepared and have tested the paint and have a brush at the ready.

Reboot (by which I just mean kick start) dishwasher and washing machine.

Wipe, sweep and put away in the kitchen, more paint touching up. Cleaner the cooker.

Off tot he DIY store for some cream satinwood paint and some compost.

Depending on time some painting in the small hallway outside of the bedrooms - has to be done before Fahed gets home or I lose my chance.

Take a box of junk to the charity shop
Take some eggs to my parents
Take some half dead plants to my friend Margret.
Back to the house by 6.30 to get ready for the gig tonight, collect first of my passengers at 7.15pm

Three, two, one, go!


  1. Is Margret really an enemy or does she like half dead plants?

    1. Definitely a friend but a miracle worker with my little green buddies

  2. how did it go! good theme! Oh if only i could ever have some time in the house on my own. never happens

    1. Not bad at all. I have loads of time home alone. Live with people who works non standard hours!


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