Autumn plans

Oh, just found this from a couple of weeks back, when it was nasty hot.

No, haven't wished away the summer. Its all about preparation. We are off on hols from mid September to mid October. Eldest son & his lovely girlfriend will be here looking after house, cats and birds. It may not sound especially frugal but we are going to our own house. There will be bills to pay but mostly it is cheaper than staying home. Plus we are doing renovation work on the old house so it feels like progress towards an income goal, even if it is a few years away. When I get back from there we will be entering a period of refurbishment at work. Not enough desk space from then until Christmas. I can work at one of the offices for odd days each week but otherwise its all about working from home. Which means a serious sort out of my study. Oh dear. So in an hour or so I am going to get my recycling bag and hop into the study for an hour or two. IN fact a few bags. One for recycling i.e. paperwork, one for actual rubbish, one for charity shop stuff. I have read up on the HMRC tax record keeping rules. Read up on the need for paper bank statements. Read everything as I can to avoid actually getting up from the sofa and going up to the super heated study and starting to sort things. Ho hum!


  1. I don't think I would do well working from home. My dogs would stare at me and I would go give them treats or snuggle. Not a lot of work would get done.

  2. I suspect I might be the same. Temptation for cat cuddling over spreadsheets is huge


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