Saturday, 23 August 2014


My first Saturday since tightening of purse strings was planned.

  • I topped up the larder with a month of the things we cant get at Lidl. Now I don't go to a 'proper' supermarket until after our holiday ends 19th October.
  • My first proper Lidl shop in a long time. The salad veggies have got the thumbs up already. I stocked up on chicken as well.
  • Jamal bought his 'back to uni' clothing. He has to wear a uniform because of the nature of his course. Mostly it was intact but we stocked up on 'knickers' and new black trousers. All from Asda so not too expensive. By next year I think I don't have to finance these things.
  • The guys fitted a new (to us, thank you ebay) glazed wooden door to bottom of the stairs/sitting room. In a normal house this would be the hall but out house is weird and there is no hall downstairs and no landing upstairs, just stairs and doors. In the winter we are warmer in there as we dont lose heat up the stairs.Right now we just dont lose the pre neutereds cats out into the garden.
  • Tomorrow we do some garden work.  No more shopping!


  1. Love the door, our kitchen has no door and we are on the hunt

    1. Hi Froogs, i have extended my search to include Freedly now but this was good old ebay. I prefer the look of older things and this just looks like it was always there.

  2. Very pretty door. Do you buy on ebay locally and then pick it up?

    1. Yep, Ebay and then flatten all the seats and fit it into the car. I could have done with your pick up!


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