Sunday, 31 August 2014

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Just having a little singalong, it hasn't really been especially lazy. We were up at the usual seven o'clock.

  • Bought Fahed some new boots. Very expensive but I got £15 off by shopping around versus main supplier. A further £5 for signing up for their emails.
  • Fahed took me out for brunch - at the local car boot sale. I don't know the total cost as I didn't pay but minimal.
  • At the car boot sale we bought an old camera for playing with and then re-sale. Last time he bought a camera for ten pounds and i re-sold it for £70. Keep fingers crossed for me.
  • We pulled together a ton of stuff for ebaying tonight. Gear box and birdcage didn't sell on eBay so we need to find somewhere else for them to go. Also not sure what to do with the pool table as not really selling on ebay. I have posted on facebook but not holding out much hope there. Maybe a second hand shop.
  • Morning coffee , which was actually this afternoon, was at a friends house.
  • A trip to B & Q gave as a new bathroom sink for £15, highly reduced, and a lamp for our Crete bedroom also $15. Bargainous!!


  1. That is an excellent return for your money on the last camera. I hope the new camera puts some money in your pocket too. Do you have craigslist or something like it for the pool table? Or maybe a local facebook bargain page? Or maybe a consignment store would be better. People on craigslist and facebook want super- low bargains.

    1. I hope so but i checked on ebay and doesnt look so good. I have a couple of people intersted in the table but only from friends on facebook not facebay. We don't have Craigslist, I am not sure what a consignment store is, is it where they sell your stuff for you?

    2. Yes, a consignment store lets you bring your stuff to their store and then when it sells they get a percentage.

  2. Hello Lizzie.
    Loving your new format - little notes about this that and the other. You're telling us more and seem to be achieving more than previously. Are you banking the 'earned' cash or using it in place of cash withdrawn from the bank?

    1. I am liking it Cathy as it gives me focus and absorb bullet points better than long sentences. All savings are straight into the Crete house fund. Its all about Crete at the moment. When we come back from there then I have some legal costs to pay then we can maybe rent out the house/houses and get some extra income in to cover the mortgage overpayments. I have a plan!


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