Saturday, 30 August 2014

Money, money, money and spreadsheets

I have tried a new way of keeping on top of budgets etc lately, since I am trying extra hard on savings.

Now I have an account where all of the money goes in and then it goes on its travels to various other accounts. I leave some in there as I have an ancient overdraft which I am gently eroding:

About £2000, goes to the bills to cover everything which is a regular bill, the vast majority of which is mortgage

About £650 for fuel and food (and leftovers go back in the bucket) goes into my account

Between £500 and £800 (depending on income) goes into the savings accounts

£500 in cash goes to Fahed. He is responsible for his fuel but can do what he likes with the rest. What he normally foes is save for his visits to his family, which we try to do ever year (war allowing....). The family, like us all, don't get any younger so we don't miss this if its possible.

So far its a success. All the transfers are set up and happen automatically. I suspect it basically works by being too much hassle to work out which money it is okay to use!

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