Sunday, 26 October 2014

Extra Hour - Extra Post

The day seems endless!

We are mid way through landscaping the back garden so should not be starting on the front one....but we did it anyway. After the early wisteria trimming it had a bit more of a haircut, the cut cut down a tree which was blocking light from the house. Oh, and accidentally disconnected next doors satellite system. When they came back from their weekend away Fahed ran out to tell them but they were cool about it. The rest of it can wait until after the back garden is done.

We are having some problem with the kittens wanting to be friends with the birds. Well friends or snack, depends who you ask. The cockateils are fine. Any sneaky paw which enters the cage get a nip and then it doesn't happen so often. The small birds are more vulnerable so instead we bought some aviary wire to go over the cage so its nicer for the little guys and no stray paws can accidental enter between the big bars. We started this job but apparently Fahed cant do it with my help (tch!) so it waits until Ahdel is here.

Also thinking about things we need and/or wish to finance in the coming year.

  • Short holiday in Crete with whole family
  • Cruise to the fjords with almost the whole family (mum and dad are not getting any younger, we need to do some things now)
  • Legislation of the Crete House
  • Big visit to Crete and lots of work including demolition and rebuilding of one have of our restoration property in Crete
  • New (but not new) car for Fahed


  1. Poor birdies! I have the opposite problem at my house. The dogs sit outside the cat bathroom waiting for a glimpse of the tiny kitties and then try to force their way in. Luckily, no kitties have been harmed physically, although, I can't vouch for their emotional state.

  2. I think we should also get a dog, just to liven things a bit!


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