Monday, 27 October 2014

Frugal, Moi?

I read my post from yesterday.

I am not frugal at all. Oh dear. But I am not worried because: I want the freedom to do such things and my little flirt with frugality does do that.

  • Short holiday in Crete with whole family An indulgence I know but its also handy to get a lot of finance admin done, which cant be done from overseas.
  • Cruise to the fjords with almost the whole family (mum and dad are not getting any younger, we need to do some things now) Something my mum said she would love but my dad would never agree. So this week we see if that's true. Maybe with me and my big sister on board we get somewhere.
  • Legislation of the Crete House - Unavoidable and also helpful to Faheds pension plan as we could then rent the property out.
  • Big visit to Crete and lots of work including demolition and rebuilding of one have of our restoration property in Crete Helpful to Faheds pension plan as we could then rent the property out.
  • New (but not new) car for Fahed We really do need one, although we are managing successfully without for a short time by cadging lifts everywhere. i don't want to run out of friends!

Yesterday I suggested that we go out for lunch as it was first Sunday of neither of us working. And then I smacked myself for the idea as it is always less tasty and more expensive than I expect. So I suggested popping to the shop to get something nice. Much cheaper option so obviously Fahed would agree. Nope! He told me off for being a fritterer (something I always accuse him of) and defrosted chipolatas, which we had with potato salad. Seems like I have him in hand. Now he just needs to get me in hand.


  1. Good for Fahed for suggesting to eat at home and good for you for having something available to defrost. Some people might have nothing in the fridge at all.

  2. I like to have quite a bit available 'just in case' but pleased to say we dont get a lot of natural disasters here, at least not in between my and the supermarket 3 miles away!


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