Friday, 31 October 2014

Friday More stuff happens......

  • Kittens are in collars to stop them licking their wounds. They are not happy with me. However total bill for the three kittens, and i bought kg of yummy healthy cat food. Total cost £152. I had budgeted £210. 
  • I have been reading a book about tidying up as recommended by Get Stuff Done Moira. The life changing magic of tidying. Weird but great, so I am attacking my clutter with new enthusiasm. There isn't actually much clutter anymore but I would like even less. So if I follow these instruction all my possessions will fill me with joy! He he, what a lovely idea and not so much about tidying at all but more about getting rid of all the stuff you dont like so that you are left with what you do like. And I am pretty sure this doesnt just apply to physical stuff.
  • £8.22 refund for my return of a German language audio book (must be more observant when ordering)
  • £15 of Amazon vouchers for logging arrivals days of letters.

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  1. So, it was an audiobook in German or an audiobook about the German language?


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