Saturday - And I choose throwing stuff away!

I am spending some time in my study today with a black bin bag, a clear bin bag (paper etc for recycling) and a bag for the charity shop. I had a revelation when reading the tidying up book. In theory i might need bank statements, utilities bills etc but in real life I never look at them after I have checked them. They have served their purpose before they ever get filed. And so today

  • Un-filing a load of paperwork etc in my study
  • Fill garden waste bin with bits of tree from last weeks tree felling.
  • Dinner is already cooked and just needs re-heating.
  • Last bit of laundry
  • Talk eldest son into a bit of meaningful mucking out as well.
  • Cats to vet to check on wounds.


  1. I keep 2 years of statements, I think. Or maybe every two years I clean out the files. Now I can't remember. Guess it is time to do it again.


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