Tuesday - Back in the swing

  • Had my renewal through for the property insurance. Found one for slightly over a quarter of the price, which I bought, and have just cancelled the renewal. Annual saving of £280. 
  • Enquired about replacement lenses for my glasses with Cilliary Blue. One pair for computer work and one for driving. Should be a saving in the hundreds as it reuses existing frames.
  • Arranged a week of car sharing and didn't pay any parking!
  • Went to book for hippobag to be collected and found that the price was the same to buy a bag and have ti collected, so did that and got a free bag for next time £12.95 saved. No excuse not to start on front garden as well now.


  1. Those are some very impressive savings.

  2. Just have to make sure I dont 'lose them' further along


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