Wednesday - Definitely autumn

Colder and wetter almost overnight but the changing of the seasons is lovely. We wont be putting on any heating for ages yet. So far we haven't even started closing doors and curtains. I have washed all the fluffy blankets though for snuggling up under.

And so

  • Car sharing again - saved £5.20 parking plus fuel. And we get to enter our names on the car sharing spreadsheet at work with a chance to win £100.
  • Remembered the slow cooker. Came home to a lovely ready made dinner of beef stew last night (reduced cost stewing beef, of course!)
  • Kittens to the vets for neutering tomorrow. Half price because we are in the kitten club (which is not as cool as it sounds)
  • Greek tax is paid. Not money saving except that I don't get fined if its paid.
  • Took leftover stew to work for lunch - and not for the first time noticed that my boss also had leftovers. The more people get paid the more likely the are not to buy lunch from the sandwich van. Not a coincidence.


  1. The kitten club DOES sound cool! Can I be in it too?

  2. You sign up for a yer when you are born to get monthly check ups, all the jabs, flea and worm treatment and half price neutering. I was thinking maybe a headband with some fluffy pointy ears would also be good :)


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