Sunday, 16 November 2014

Kitten freedom

I am a nervous kitten mama. The babies are ready to roam. I let them out yesterday when i knew it was about to rain. After fifteen minutes everyone wanted to come in again and we didnt lose anyone.

Today I let them out also and they wandered a little but in and out. Hopefully tomorrow I am brave enough to show them where is the cat flap and how to use it!

The weird looking bit in the garden (photos below) is where the grass has been removed but we haven't yet laid the pavers.


  1. Are there two little ones Lizzie - or three? As long as they come to your call all should be well. Indoors overnight is a must as well. Too many dangers then. Did you make an outdoor run for them - so they can go out but be safe when you are away from the house?

    1. Three little ones but the black one was so excited to get outside there was no time for a photo opportunity!
      So far I let them out first thing in the morning, pre breakfast, so no problem getting them back in! Seriously though they have been coming back nicely and our garden is completely contained with high fences on all sides. I am not sure I want to be leaving the house again now I have these little beauties here :)

  2. Your kitties are so pretty and handsome! I hope my sick kitties grow up to look like yours. Right now they are still sneezy squinty kitties. No one wants to adopt sneezy and squinty kitties.


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