Monday, 17 November 2014

Monday - back to work

But from home. I had blood tests today, also collecting glasses and taking Lorenzo for her check up, so I worked from home in between. Its was really good actually and possible to get a lot done in a shorter time without interference.

In between time I did a few other things:

  • Reboiled my plum and strawberry jam which failed to set on Sunday. Now I have four rather lovely little jars of yummy jam, one of which went to mum this morning for supplying the plums.
  • Fixed my washing machine and worked out how to up to spins RPM so that my laundry is almost dry before it even gets to the dryer or line.
  • Finished all my laundry, washed and dried. I am planning to get it put away tonight as well

I am also taking credit for some things which Fahed did!

  • He fixed my model yacht which the cats through down the stairs.
  • He failed to fix a couple of other broken things so he strip the useful bits and binnned the rest, and at least they are not still waiting.
  • He decided we don't need to shorten the legs of my sewing box as he wont use it as a foot rest anyway. That's because he feels much better since we are using a cream on his lower back which works as an anti inflammatary.  Big celebration


  1. A very productive work at home day! Work and jam all in one day.

  2. Preserves that haven't set properly still make a yummy sauce for ice cream etc.

  3. It was lovely whilst still runny but i was worrying that the water content wasn't low enough to preserve it.
    Its all good on toast now though, according to my son.


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