Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sunday - more of the same

I showered and shampoo'd etc this morning at usual time. Then put on a clean nightdress t shirt thingy and some tracksuit pants. I always get dressed so this was me saying to me, easy day today. No going out or encouraging people to come in.

and then I:

  • Filled up a blag bag and a recycling bag. I wont need a study at all by the time I have finished. Fahed is currently watching a dreadful film, so I might just sneak off to do a bit more.
  • Examined the bike as we keep getting puncture and have decided to invest in some new tyres
  • Ate the chicken which was knocking around since Friday, following some poor planning. It was okay, nothing more.
  • Looking for recipes for feta which dont involve chemicals.


  1. it is a slightly crazy but also rather awesome book. I have to say I am hanging on to 'useful' stuff. but I have been ruthless with books. and my office feels SO MUCH BETTER for it.

  2. Its amazing, just in a weirdish way. I can laugh at her thanking objects for their assistance and no longer needing them anymore but I can also see how that makes its easier to get rid of them. Weirdly wonderful.


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