Stuuupiiidd Tax - Don't try this at home!

You know when you insure your car and at the end of the year they write to you to confirm that you want to carry on with your insurance? You don't do anything it just carries on?  Well I have just discovered that this is not the case.

Insurance on my car apparently ended on 2nd November. Luckily I only drove it a couple of times locally before my son was stopped by the police on Saturday night for having no insurance. I raced home to search in my file for the insurance certificate and found I had filed, without reading, the insurance proposal.

Hopefully we get it back tomorrow. £150 for the impound release (plus £20 for each day after the first - so the whole time you are waiting for the new insurance certificate to arrive). £300 fine and 6 points for my son.  Poor lad. Who expects to have to check that their mum has done it right!

Lastly insurance renewal went up by £400 because they had my sons age wrong. So presumably this means the insurance has been invalid all this time.

I don't even want to think about how much this could have cost had we had an accident. I wont be able to sleep properly for days!

Check your insurance certificates are valid. Do it now. Make it worthwhile that i have been such a bozo!


  1. That is awful! And a very expensive mistake! After reading this I checked my mom's car which I am driving and I can't find a current insurance card. Now I will be all nervous when I'm driving.


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