Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Tuesday - a much better day

Car is home with me, safe and sound. I kept imagining they would take her and squash her before my insurance papers arrived but we are done. I will ensure I never assume something has been paid, not ever, ever again.

On to happier things, today is Fahed's birthday. A cute and adorable 51. I had the day off so:

First we went to the cop shop (sounds like something from a top cat cartoon) and then collected the car from the impound.

Then off to the hospital for blood tests ( I know how to show a man a good time!)

Then to the Asian supermarket to stop up on chillies and other goodies.

Lastly to the local supermarket for a few treat (popcorn kernels, brie)

He has just cooked for us too. Its his birthday but I am being treated, as he does love to cook.

Now we settle and watch some movies.

No cards, we tell jokes instead. Small presents. No cake.

And yet completely contented. Only thing which could have made it better is if Jamal was home from Uni as well. But that means we have another dinner together to look forward too when terms breaks.

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  1. The birthday got better as it went along. I don't think blood tests would ever make it on to my birthday fun list.


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