Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sunday - another week has flashed past

As I was such a muppet with my car insurance I don't feel at all like I have been frugal and sensible this week. I don't think I have finished punishing myself yet. We did manage a few things though and I record them here to get my self back on track.

  • Fixed the boiler. It kept going out and our gas man is too busy until after Christmas. We didn't do anything too exciting, just a bit of disassemble, vacuum and reassemble. For the moment we are up and running
  • I dyed some old curtains to fit in with the current paint job and will be hanging them in the hallway to stop nasty drafts.
  • Home made butternut squash and mushroom soup is currently on the hob, lunch for the first few days of the week
  • We fitted a new hard drive to Fahed's lap top, as we seemed to ahve somehow broken the old one. So far so good. We are up and running!
  • Flushed with success we are going to fix another dead laptop
  • I have ordered a new filter for my Dyson from ebay, The machine is currently in bits, having been seriously cleaned. Not counting any chickens but I may have added a few years to its life.
  • I have found two lamp/lampshades in the attic which are to be recycled in the hall and stair area.
  • I have found a that someone at my work who is happy tpo take any old craft stuff. If she cant use it herself (unlikely - she is a crafting nut) then she also teaches at Brownies. I get to feel virtuous as I de-clutter
  • Our lovely friend Margret made Fahed's favourite cake for his birthday. Schwimbad Torte (eek, spelling). Best cake ever!
So glad I made a list. Feel so much better now!


  1. What is in that torte? Are those apples? It looks good.

  2. Gooseberries. Th contrast with the sweet crunchy almond topping, the sour tart taste of the fruit and the gentle luxuriant whipped cream, its seriously the best cake ever. Margret is German and I am pretty sure they are the cake makers of the world. Yummy!


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