Tuesday - home aloneish

Just me and the cats and birds tonight. Fahed is off (not) winning our future at poker. Its a random night to go but he doesn't work until the afternoon tomorrow and he can play for nothing on a Tuesday night, but with a chance to win something worthwhile. That's to entice people to the casino on a school night. And it works, he has gone and I can watch whatever I like on TV.

  • My eldest son has hardly been here this week, I rather think he is on the edge of leaving home (he is nearly 25 so its not exactly awful - but I will miss him). I rather think that will be a financial saving for me but I will wait and see before I count it.
  • Baby son will be home on Friday (whoop!)
  • Petrol prices are down locally. £1.157 per litre. Still amazingly expensive but better than the all time high of £1.30 which we had not long ago.
  • I had another £10 amazon voucher this week for my postal survey thing, which went towards a winter wet suit for my lovely little great niece.

That's about it!


  1. A winter wet suit for your great niece - I take it you mean one for being outside in and not one for surfing lol
    It's rather strange when the boys leave home - they keep coming back to see what's in the cupboard and to see if the washing machine still works!

    1. Its for her to wear for her swimming lessons with uncle Fahed. In the sumemr she loved it but now she gets a little cold when they are in their for almost an hour (should be a half hour but she loves it too much to get out).
      Ha ha, he has left before. We shall see!

  2. If I have calculated correctly, at your petrol prices, one gallon of gas in the US would cost around $7! Our gas prices are $2.39 per gallon. Very low for us. They were around $4 per gallon a few years back.

  3. Yes the price is mad. Even with cars getting so much more efficient and we live in a very small country, its still mad! I think the price drop is to do with shale gas and oil extraction, which is also helping us as its keeping the market price down. Also the Saudis can afford to price to go down some, and they want Russian and Iran to have less financial power, so production stays higher than is needed. Maybe it goes down a little more! Very unusual for world politics to work in anyones favour!!


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