Saturday, 3 January 2015

Something new for us

Tomorrow Jamal flies back up to university for 4 months.
Ahdel is pretty much living with his girlfriend now.
We are going to be home alone! I am not jubilant at this obviously but with Jamal's career plans he is out of the country for 8 or more months each year so I hope he doesn't think it is worth loving out for the remaining four months and he might as well stay with the oldies!  This looks like happening now as he is re painting and carpeting his room, changing the bed and electrics, so I think he plans to stay a while. Phew from me, I am not ready for an empty nest!

So to keep myself feeling positive I am definitely trying to talk up the plus sides.

Less electricity usage (ha, thats if the old fella ever starts to switch lights off)
Far less gas usage (Jamal only has a shower unit at uni and at sea, so loads of baths when he is home)
The big one surely must be grocery savings. After tomorrow there are just the two of us to feed. On top of that we are practicing healthy eating and portion size. Finally we can go down a long way with this. The store cupboard and freezer are full. We can manage for ages if we aren't worried about how odd our meals are. Lets see what are appetite for this is :)


  1. So many areas for potential savings. That is a bright spot at least. Maybe you should get more cats to make the house feel less empty? :)

  2. Oh yes, more cats, definitely the way ahead :) They are all sleeping in a bundle on my sofa here tonight. Very cute.


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