Friday, 2 January 2015

Way more to de-cluttering than just getting rid of stuff

The thought of getting rid of another 1000 items from the house makes me feel quite free and excited. There is certainly way more to the whole de-cluttering thing than just idying up. As more goes you can actually see what is left. Then I have the fight internally baout keeping stuff which may come in useful v having so much stuff you can never find what you need anyway.

So far I am already approaching 6th January with my discards and all bar a couple of items ahve gone to new homes where they will be used;

01/01 - Candle arch/Cherry Brnady/Jacket
02/01 - Coatjangers/ Glass and carafe (still boxed)/vcr player
03/01 - potato peeler/headphones receiveer thingybobit/black sports bag
04/01 - cd printer/headphones/phone charger
05/01 - 3 brass items - dish, plate and jug

Also the old fella says we will enter the attic today with enthusiasm to empty it.

I have more goals, just finding this rather exciting at the moment


  1. Isn't it funny how we hang on to old electronics? Even when they don't work? Like we would try to fix them?

  2. And phone chargers or things which look like phone chargers. Soooo many!

  3. the art of discarding. brilliant stuff. I got hub to halve his wardrobe contents and more than halve his shoes. feeling good


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