The talk is of de-cluttering - it must be new year

3 items a day. I did it in 2012 ( i think, might have been 2011).
I can do it again
I will keep a register to start with until it becomes a habit.

Day one;
Old and broken candle arch to the bin
Cherry Brandy to my dad
Unworn his viz jacket to the salvation army

I am encouraging my youngest along a similar route but more blitzing and less creeping along.

I really like the house now I can tell the difference.


  1. Oh no you got rid of a broken candle? You might have needed that.......:)

    1. Ha ha, sssh! I can still get it back from the bin!

  2. Oh the dreaded 'might be needed' items seem to abound - exist in large numders even - in our house - trying to get The Golfer to look the two boxes of 'might be needed' computer stuff. That's his new year job, not sure what mine might be.

    Also not sure I could physically manage 3 a day - might end up combining all the days and declaring a large number per week. Could be as low as 7 might even be as high as 21 then again it could be so many per 4 weeks lol Can you tell I don't relish the idea of 'sorting and purging'
    Take care

  3. Cathy, your house doesnt look cluttered at all to me. I think you can dont need to be too hard on yourself :)

  4. Please send me some of your enthusiasm. I seem to be lacking it this year.


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