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I had a lovely day on Monday with my best friend. She lives on the isle of wight, just about 20 miles away but because I have to travel by boat to get there it takes about 2 hours.

In some ways we are very not alike, she is quieter than me, more musical and better at growing vegetables! I qualified as an accountant and she as a radiographer. In other ways we are so similar. We have been mates for 40 years and sometimes we are apart, when living overseas or something, for years until we live close enough for visits again. Even after a couple of years it is easy companionship when we meet up.

So anyway you might think we wouldn't have anything in common by now. Couldn't be any further from the truth. We like homemade. We like creative. We like no waste. We are frugal because we understand that from frugality comes freedom.

So anyways we had a lovely day.

  • We made homemade lemoncello
  • We planned sweet-making for next time for the nurses at the are home where her mama lives
  • We sampled homemade sloe gin from 2012 (wow!)
  • Had homemade cheesy bread and homemade soup for lunch
  • Back to the kitchen for some homemade arancello.
  • Homemade blackberry crumble & custard - from frozen blackberrys which her husband picked when working away in Bristol last summer. See total hardcore!!!
  • Heating was from a wood-burner and scavenged wood. Dave brings unwanted wood home from his job at Rolls Royce.
  • Eves mum even gave me a book she has finished reading when we visited her at the home.
Isn't my Lemoncello looking good? Might be someone's Christmas gift


  1. Friendships that last through the years and can be picked up easily after time apart are the best friendships. I had to look up lemoncello. What do you make with it? Fancy drinks?

  2. It smells amazing. i am thinking just a small glass on its own? My plan though is for small bottles in people Christmas gifts.


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