Sub contracting..............

We always do everything ourselves in the house. Plumbing, sewing, roof fixing, everything. We even did our own electrics but did have a qualified electrician check and certify them all afterwards.

But I have had a dawning realization. It might be okay to pay someone else to do the less fun things. I have two such things up my sleeve at the moment

  • Replace upstairs bath, basin, bath side. Finish
  • Clear the front garden of concrete etc and trim the trees.

I have completely gone down the route yet but am pricing up the options. The kids are not normally here now and the old fella cant do it all alone.

Then it reminded me of something else I wanted to outsource.

  • My cleaning routine!
I forgot all about organizing someone to regularly come and give us a clean. I think the guy and I worked out that someone could clean the place weekly for roughly 40 minutes of my salaried time. I am dreadful at cleaning, it just doesn't look better when I have finished.

I am not yet 100% comfortable with spending my hard earned cash on something which I can do, even if i don't do it as well, but I am edging towards it. I think I might have suddenly reached the age where I want to do the things I like. And why not, life is not infinite.


  1. I have considered hiring a cleaning person but I am ashamed of my dirt and clutter. Only I may clean my junk! Plumbing is becoming an emergency so it is high on my list to call the plumber.

  2. And me. I am blaming the animals.........
    PLumber just called me back. He is coming over on Tuesday to give us a price. :)


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